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The banking system on one hand help many individuals in growing financially and gaining a stable position in the market to undertake their business affairs but it helps only a specific number of people. Banking system and other financial services based on interest and loan cannot help most individuals and hence many people find it difficult to invest their money in banking and similarly most people hesitate in asking for loan. In order to make this system transparent and less worrying for masses, Eazy Qredit has introduced the system of Soft loan request in its Send help and Receiving help community services.


Eazy Qredit is a volunteer based non-profit community services organization providing different kinds of services to different people in the society.We have a community based global network working for the betterment of the individuals in society. With our community based donation investment system, people help each other. People who have more cash can give support to the poor people. Eazy Qredit site and virtual records are just devices which help individuals to reach and help each other.

The primary concern of Eazy Qredit is to minimize the concept of monetary bondage and maximize financial fulfillment of its members. And for this point they have merged their capital despite the fact that there are little sums, infer-able from an incredible number of individuals to empower the community system with amazing and invulnerable power, developing each and every day!.

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