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About Us

Eazy Qredit is a group where individuals help other individual. In our peer to peer donation community system, one individual give money to the other individual for a specific period of time under specific terms and conditions governed by the Eazy Qredit system. We are not a bank. Eazy Qredit does not collect your cash like banks; Eazy Qredit is not an online business, or MLM program. With our free network, individuals can help any other individual all across the world with getting support from the platform. There are two kinds of members, givers of loan and gainers of loan. With our cooperative and professional attitude, all the money involved in the transaction is you providing it to your friend of the community. In the event that you are totally sure in your activities and make yourself to take part, we generously request that you concentrate precisely all notices and guidelines first.

Another unique feature about Eazy Qredit community is the ability to get Soft Loan while in the waiting process of receiving help from other member. This great tool gives every member the comfort to join and help members with what they can and also get support whenever they want. Going to the bank or financial institutions to obtaining a personal loan without credit history is tough, but not impossible with Eazy Qredit. After all, there are plenty of valid reasons why you need to get it since you are a member of the Eazy Qredit community.