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1. Who can join Eazy Qredit?

Anyone belonging to Center County and the neighborhood of legal age can join the community services.

2. How to register?

If you want to be the part of the Eazy Qredit community services, you must register at the website for participation. Just visit the Register link at the website and register yourself with the community for free.

3. What is a personal office?

Any personal office is a specific section of the site which is available to the registered members for doing specific actions. Through the personal office, you can:
• Get and give help
• Register any member in your team

4. How to Login to your personal office?

If you want to login to your personal office section, click on (

5. How to recover a password for PO?

If you forget your password, simply enter your email or your mobile number you gave at the time of registration. Simply click on Send button to send a request at your mobile phone or email address.

6. How to add a new account in PO?

Open the office section of the site and follow the following steps to make a new account in PO section:
• Click on Accounts button.
• Click on Add button to add new
• Enter the account data and information
• Click on the Save button to save your account.

7. Who is a Referrer and Referral?

A “referrer” is the member of the community who invites any other participant by using the specified “Referral link” in PO.
A “Referral” is a person who is invited.

8. What is a referral link?

A referral link is the portion of the PO which enables you to add any member in your team. If any member of the community logs in using your PO, he automatically becomes your referral.

9. Where can I post in a referral link?

You can use your specified referral link in different social media websites, text messaged, push notifications, emails and even in your signature.

10. What types of Bonuses can I easily get?

There are different kinds of Bonuses you can get through this platform. On signing up, the members get a bonus of #5,000-#250,000 depending on your initial contribution.
You get an initial 10% at every participant you invite to the platform.
You can get Specific Guider’s Bonus on adding each member in your team. The amounts of each bonues are different depending on the type and membership. Click on the relevant links for more information.

11. How to participate in the EazyQredit community easily?

Eazy Qredit is a secure network of socializing with a security department to track and monitor each participant’s activities and transactions. The security team has the legal right to require a copy of Passport if necessary and undertake any action if you fail to bring your documentations. All the participants in Eazy Qredit community is a single entity and hence the security department doesn’t work on any individual’s behalf.

12. How to get in touch with the support team?

To get in touch with the support team of the community, follow the following guidelines:
• Click on “Support” button in your PO.
• Click on “Create”.
• Write your question.
• Click on “Save”

13. How can I participate in the community through my Mobile Phone?

You can also be a part of the Global help rendering community of Eazy Qredit from your mobile phone.
To read the community news and hot gossips, you can use the mobile version of the site link. Click on the button to use mobile version of your PO.

14. What to do if I can’t access the PO?

If you can’t access your PO link, there are other ways to do so as well:
• Use other mirrors and secondary links.
• Open it using different internet browsers. The best recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
• Clear cache of your browser
• Check firewall or antivirus
If it doesn’t help, then use extensions that enable the blocked websites.

15. How does the Soft Loan support service work?

At Eazy Qredit, we understand the possibility of having emergency financial needs after sending help to other member of the community. With this regard, you can’t be left alone and since we are a community of sending help and receiving help, Eazy Qredit will grant you a soft loan to solve your urgent financial needs.

16. How do I apply for a Soft Loan?

You can apply for a Soft Loan after signing in to your PO, Click the “Soft Loan” button and fill the soft loan application form request and submit. Our members support service department will contact you on your registered email /phone number to advice on the status of your “Soft Loan” request.

17. Who can apply for Soft Loan?

Every registered member of Eazy Qredit community can apply for a Soft loan.

18. When can I apply?

You can only apply for Soft Loan 7 days after sending help to other member of the community.

19. How much can I apply?

You can only apply up to 50% of your Sent help.

20. How often can I apply?

You can only apply for a SL once in 2 months. Subsequent application for SL will lead to suspension of your account.

21. Is there a commission charge for Soft Loan?

Yes! We charge 10% commission of the total amount of Soft Loan applied and the balance amount will be deposited into your registered bank account details provided on Eazy Qredit platform. (E.g: #500 will be charged for a Soft Loan of #5,000 with the balance amount of #4,500 paid into your account).

22. Will I see or get the debit notification on my PO?

No, you will not see a debit notification on your PO “BUT” your account will be suspended from receiving help from the community pending when you make the refund of the SL.

23. How do I refund the SL?

Please contact our member’s support team and you will be paired on who and where to make your refunds.

24. What if I don’t have the money to pay back?

Kindly look for somewhere or anyone close to you to borrow from before the due date in order to get your account activated or your account will remain suspended pending the clearance of the outstanding loan. You may also contact LAPO for assistance.

Your question is still not answered? Please contact us on our email below.