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Our Plan

Eazy Qredit is not a bank or an online investment source, it is a community service working in the society to make the process of support and monetary loans transparent. Through our community process, it is possible to earn more than 100% of your Send Helpt in just 21 days by earning 10% deposit of all your referrer. Along these line, you have chosen to take an interest in growing the Eazy Qredit Community. Simply follow the important points beneath to know about our system.

1. Enroll at the site.
Make sure that you type in the correct bank account details because once it is entered; you won,t be able to change it on your personal office, for that you will need to mail our member support department for modification which may take with 24 hours to implement. Our member support teams are always online 24/7.

2. Enter your Personal Office

3.  There will be three major catches. "Send help", "Receive help" and "Soft Loan".

4. On the off chance that you are an investor of money and can send help to your community friends, simple click "Send help" and determine the sum you need to put into the framework. The base sum necessary to start the transaction is N10,000.00 and most extreme is N1,500,000.00.

5. Eazy Qredit does not work on commission based system. The earned profit of your sent help can be received once you have created the request. As your transfer took place, you can alsoReceive help of the Sent help amount plus your referral bonus. This is the transparency of our community.

6. The point, you'll get the request in your PO from a new member including all financial balance subtle elements of the member you are going to exchange cash to. This request contains contact points of interest of the individual so you can connect with him or her to ensure that the specific person is real or not.
The seeker of help should be a member of the community as well. In Eazy Qredit COMMUNITY there is no focal record where all members' cash collects. All exchanges take place between the members only. Everything is very certain and straightforward. Eazy Qredit COMMUNITY assumes the part of the administrator that sets up the contact between the members

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